Monthly Archives: March 2012

New Beginnings

Years ago I left my job to move half way across the country. On my final day of work someone anonymously placed a card with these words on my desk:

God of  New Beginnings
by B. J. Hoff

Set my feet upon the path
You would have me walk…
Hold my hand in Yours
and guide me as I go…
Steady my steps
if I should falter on the way…
Keep me from wrong turns,
and smooth the journey…
Walk beside me,
and give me the strength
to go the distance…

That someone was an angel–as these words have been with me ever since.

Tomorrow I will give my final sermon as their ‘first full-time-local-minister’  at Unity Church of Manhattan. It has been an amazing experience…and now it’s time to step off onto a new path.

This past December I was diagnosed with a rare disease, and I began treatment in January. I’m feeling pulled to blog about this experience, and the exploration of what it takes to truly transform  my thoughts, words, and actions to create an experience of Perfect Health. I look forward to where this pondering on new paradigms leads me to…and yet, for today, my thoughts are present with this spiritual community and being fully in the journey of today.